Y.C.C. Sheet Music Production    James Wu, engraver

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Welcome to Y.C.C.!

♪ handwritten and printed sheet music digitized and delivered electronically

♪ existing digital scores edited, optimized, cleaned up, and beautified

parts extracted from digital projects or printed/digital scores

songs transposed to usable keys from either print or project files

♪ sequencer files or live recordings or videos transcribed or arranged into playable scores

♪ musical scores transcribed directly from the composer's dictation in separate voices

arrangements can range from simple and exact to expert and adventurous

♪ realistic computer generated performances created from sequencer files or print

reasonably priced for students

James Wu has over a decade of experience using Finale notation software and as such, uses Finale exclusively, with much precision and efficiency. He is a recent graduate of Mannes the New School for Music (bm violin/mm comp). He has been playing violin with various orchestras for almost two decades and has composed music for a range of solo instruments as well as various chamber ensembles and orchestra. He also has advanced experience in piano performance. All of this practical knowledge greatly contributes to his thorough understanding of the translation process from the fledgling ideas within a composer's mind to the practical whims of most performers.

James also creates electronic performance renditions from an ever-increasing library of synthesizers and samplers, including Finale's Garritan instruments, EastWest Symphonic Orchestra, Sonic Couture Hammersmith / Xtended Piano, Ample Sound acoustic guitars, Addictive Drums Jazz / Metal, and Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate.