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Welcome to Y.C.C.!

sound recording services available for a variety of film aspects, such as interviews, commercials, shorts, features, and voiceovers/dubbing in and around NYC

film editing services available for audio and/or video

Avid Media Composer certified user

can travel to most locations in and around NYC; farther destinations also possible

♪ other film equipment available for use by qualified personnel on set

reasonably priced for students

James Wu is a sound recordist, composer, musician, and aspiring editor and videographer.

His primary experience is in music and sound:
Field recording, booming, mixing, composing/performing, editing, and cloud organization.

James's main interest is in recording sound, fueled by 1) his desire to help others do well, 2) to then preserve their work accurately so it is not lost, and 3) his rather sensitive ears, which loops back to the first two reasons (by being able to hear talent, it makes him want to record it).

His education is actually from a music conservatory:
BM, MM, The New School: musical performance (violin/piano), composition/synthesis, musical score notation.

Having a background in classical music gives him a pair of good, detail oriented ears, and an awareness of effective dramatic storytelling as well as an imagination finely tuned toward what a sound looks like and what an image sounds like. Having experienced small film sets, he is keenly aware that "fix it in post" should only be a last resort whether audio or video, and is not something to be taken for granted (a detail which larger film sets might not make so apparent). Having dabbled in filming and editing, he's developed an awareness of the equipment and workflow involved in the filmmaking process and how to constructively contribute toward that as a sound recordist.

On the most basic level, James just likes to be helpful whenever he is able to. He's been known to stick around if he enjoys the production and likes the team. He can also be quite flexible and can be creative when needed while staying out of the way when not. James doesn't really provide services; rather, he enjoys helping other people.