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 Student discount: 50% off all rates

Audio recording

All recordings will be sent as-is (multi or split channel files). A basic stereo mix can be provided upon request for no extra charge.

Basic -
up to 4 channels/3 lavs $100 per day; up to 8 channels/3 lavs $200 per day

• Advanced - up to 6 channels/6 lavs $230 per day; up to 12 channels/6 lavs $400 per day

• Combo - it is possible to combine basic and advanced equipment for recording more than 12 tracks at once (up to approx. 30+ tracks and 9 lavs). Please contact for quote.

• With video (static shot, e.g. interview) - basic (small camcorder) additional $50 per day; advanced (DSLR / camcorder) additional $120 per day

Additional lav's and microphones can be used if there are free channels available; if not listed in the equipment list below, acquisition of such equipment is the sole responsibility of the client.

Other services

• Audio Mixing / Editing - $70 per hour

Video Editing - $120 per hour

• Equipment sharing - a variety of film production equipment is available for use by qualified personnel on set for a nominal fee. Please see the equipment list below.


  Advanced options utilize higher quality recording equipment.

  All prices can be negotiable (within reasonable terms).

  All recorded media will only be sent after payment is received.

Software: Avid Media Composer / Pro Tools, Cubase (main) / Wavelab, Sony Vegas / Sound Forge

Equipment List

All fees are day rates. Audio equipment is part of the service and do not incur any additional equipment costs.

Audio - Recorders

Basic - Fostex DC-R302 (2ch); Tascam DR-70D (4ch); Zoom H6 (6ch), F8 (8ch);
    Advanced - Sound Devices 633 (6ch), 688 (12ch), 744t (4ch), 788t (8ch)

• Audio - Microphones

    • Basic: Røde NTG-1 (sg), RødeLink (lav) x3; Zoom SGH-6 (sg), SSH-6 (stereo sg); Sennheiser MKE 600, MD 46
    • Advanced: Schoeps CMIT-5U (sg), MK41 (sc), Sanken COS-11D + Sony UWP (lav) x6

Each video item includes at least two memory cards and batteries (duplicate batteries will be combined for multiple items), plus choice of one lens (if applicable, additional lenses are an additional $25 each) and one support system. Some external monitors/recorders and all follow focus systems require conversion to rod system support for an additional $20.

Video - Cameras

    Basic - Sony HDR-CX900 [$25] (1080 60p), HDR-CX300 [$10] (1080 60p), HDR-PJ540 [$10] (1080 60p), GoPro Hero 4 Black [$35] (4K UHD 30p) with Back-Bone Ribcage interchangeable lens mod

    Advanced (film) - Sony PXW-FS7 [$100] (S-35, 4K DCI 30p), α7s II [$80] (FF, 4K UHD 30p), α7 [$50] (FF, 1080 60p), α6300 [$60] (APS-C, 4K UHD 30p) , α6000 [$30] (APS-C, 1080 60p)

    Advanced (TV) - Sony PXW-X180 [$50] (1/3" 3MOS, 1080 60p); Canon XF305 [$70] (1/3" 3MOS, 1080 60i)

Video - Monitors / Recorders

    Monitors: Aputure VS-1 (800x480), Elvid RVM-7B-ALT (1280x800)
    Recorders: Video Devices PIX-E5 (4K UHD 30p); Blackmagic Design Hyperdeck Shuttle (1080 60i), Video Assist x2 (1080 60p)

Video - Lenses

    Sony E ff Prime - Samyang 14mm/2.8-22; Roiknon 24mm/1.4-22; Rokinon 50mm/1.4-22; Haiou 58mm/2.0-16; Rokinon 85mm/1.4-22
    Sony E ff Zoom - Sony 28-70mm/3.5-5.6, 70-400mm/4-5.6; Seagull 28-70mm/3.5-22
    Sony E ff Cine - Sony 25-135mm/4.0-22
    Sony E ff Other - Sigma macro 50mm/2.8-22; Lensbaby Composer Pro 50mm/2.0-22

    Sony E aps-c Zoom - 10-18mm/4.0, 55-210mm/4.5-6.3

    C/M12 (for GoPro) - GoPro fisheye 2.5mm; Back-Bone 3.6mm/3.0, macro 7.5mm/3.0; Computar 9mm/1.8, 25-135mm/1.8

Most lighting items includes at least two batteries (duplicate batteries will be combined for multiple items) and choice of support system.

Lighting - LED

    Basic - Genaray SP-E-240B [$15] (32-56k/240); Yongnuo YN600L x3 [$15ea] (1x55k,2x32-55k/600), YN900 x2 [$20ea] (32-55k/900); Godox LED1000C x2 [$25ea] (33-56k/1000); Aputure AL-H198C [$10] (32-55k/198/95+cri), AL-H160 [$10] (55k/160/95+cri)

    Advanced - Dracast LED500 [$60] (32-56k/500/95cri); Aputure HR672C [$40] (32-55k/672/95+cri); Fiilex P360EX x3 (with fresnel, barndoors, 1x softbox) [$50ea] (30-56k/50/92cri); Switronix TL-BT220R [$30] (32-56k/16/91cri); Limelite Mosaic x2 [$40ea] (24k-52k/576/85cri)

Lighting - Flash

    Sony MI - Meike MK320 [$10] (32m@100); Sony HVL-F20M [$20] (20m@100/50mm), HVL-F43M [$35] (43m@100/105mm, 24-105mm); Nissin Di700A (with remote commander) [$30] (54m@100/200mm, 24-200mm)

Supports - Tripods

    Basic/portable - Benro FTF29AIN1 (68.7"/17.6lb); Slik Video Sprint II (64"/4.5lb), Sprint Pro II (64"/4.4lb), 340DX (57.9"/8.8lb); Sony VCTVPR1 (57.75"/6.62lb)

    Advanced - Manfrotto 161MK2B + Benro S8 (111"/38.3lb); Magnus VT-350 (82"/15lb); Slik 700DX + Manfrotto MH055M8-Q5 (75.3"/12.2lb); Manfrotto MAMVT535AQ + 502HD (72"/15.4lb), 546GB + 504HD (68"/16.5lb); Sunpak QSX Ultra Pro (71.7"/11lb); Smith-Victor Propod + Davis & Sanford FM18 (70"/18lb); Davis & Sanford Provista 7518 + ProAm USA fluid head (64"/13.2lb); E-Image EK60AAM (63"/17.6lb)

Supports - Light stands

    Fiilex FLXR003 x3 (7'); Dracast DLS-805 (7.2'/13lb); Impact 3218 (13'/5lb), LS-13HAB (13'/10lb); Manfrotto 269HDBU (24'/22lb)

Supports - Dollies (tripod)

    Manfrotto MA114MV; Davis & Sanford W3 (DAD3); Glide Gear SYL-960 + RTS-36

Supports - Stabilizers

    Benro MAD49A + Slik AF-2100 monopod (75.2"/10lb); Giottos MML 3290B + Vanguard GH-100 monopod (74"/13.23lb); Tiffen Steadicam Solo; Revo SR-1500 rod shoulder support; Vello ActionPan grip/handle; ikan Recoil Reloaded chest brace

 For a more comprehensive equipment list, please visit this page.