Y.C.C. Sound Recording (music)    James Wu, engineer

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Welcome to Y.C.C.!

on-site recording in and around NYC

♪ from practice room to concert hall and most other locations

♪ audio recordings come with complimentary video; multicam options available

♪ advanced audio and video editing and mastering

quick turnaround for most projects­­­

♪ CD/DVD, online file transfer, YouTube, etc.

♪ also available for jam sessions

reasonably priced for students

James Wu is a recent graduate of Mannes the New School for Music (bm violin/mm comp). Since then, he has recorded various concerts, theatrical performances, audition tapes, music videos, and audio for short films. He has worked with Joe Patrych on numerous occasions, Salon/Sanctuary concerts, and Listen Closely, a community chamber music initiative in Inwood, Manhattan.

James believes that the future of musical presentation is through video, therefore single-camera, standard-quality video is always included with audio recording for no extra charge, unless specified otherwise.

Having been a student,
James also understands the financial circumstances of most students, therefore the most basic rates are comparably low and usually negotiable.

Besides recording performances, James also has interest and experience in film sound recording and mixing, filmmaking, photography, piano and violin playing, and sunsets.