Y.C.C. Sound Recording (music)    James Wu, engineer

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Student discount: 50% off all rates

Audio recording

All audio services include free mastering and basic single camera video.

Standard (single microphone pair) - basic $100 per hour; advanced $200 per hour

Concert (two microphone pairs) - basic $200 per houradvanced $400 per hour

• Studio
(individual microphone per instrument, up to 8)
    basic $100 first pair, $50 per additional microphone per hour
    advanced $200 first pair, $70 per additional microphone per hour

For electric instruments, either provide an instrument cable with the final output, or pass it to speakers and the sound will be recorded acoustically.

Video recording

Single camera - basic $100 per hour; advanced $250 per hour

• Two cameras - basic $200 per hour; advanced $450 per hour

More than two cameras - contact for quote

Make sure to research and provide in detail any requirements for framing, location, time and date, etc.

Other services

Producing (review and choosing of takes) - $80 per hour

Audio editing and mastering - $80 per hour

Video editing - contact for quote

Reference copy
    Must be requested in advance. A CD, DVD, data disc, or file transfer to your personal USB drive can be made immediately after the session. Recordings will be provided as-is, without any editing or mastering.


▪  Please include the usual details such as nature of ensemble, performance length, copy or link to score, special staging, desired medium, etc. when contacting.

  Standard single-camera video is always included unless specified otherwise.

  Advanced options utilize higher quality recording equipment.
        Basic mastering includes mixing, fade in/outs, stereo widening, equalization if necessary, reverb, etc.
        Basic editing includes fade in/out, sharpening, brightness/contrast balancing, etc.
      If you are able to, please request if you want reverb, and what kind.

  All prices can be negotiable (within reasonable terms).

  All recorded media will only be sent after payment is received.